Your Participation is Requested

Your Participation is Requested

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Yesterday 18th of February Leandro Palacio's ABC OPEN video clip of Jude & I and the Launceston Before I Die Big Chalkboard appeared on the front page of the Before I Die International Site:
Before I die site has placed your video on the front page and is on their FB too
Please check it out.

I'm currently assembling photos for their records. If you have any interesting photos you've taken and would like them to be included please forward them to me at
I'll also share some of them on this site and our Facebook page.

Monday, 10 February 2014

POSTCARDS from the edge

For some strange reason the top pick of our team is PEDRO the changeling

The anti-art funding came close

Most people seem to possess a kindness to themselves and others

And of course who wouldn't want Abs

Cultured spanish speaking pacifists

Our boards have been multicultural in expression, though I don't know whose x this was, perhaps they sneezed

Make a Difference, positively

Discourage fighting's good, save a life

polite advice with the condoms, without the condemnation

more multicultural conversations

My personal favourite, see Mayan Temples


Making Space/Expanding the Universe

"But there's plenty of room," said Alice

Unknown Hobart Photographer stopping to take photographs of board commentaries to share with friends and family down south.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Last Thursday, 30th of January exactly a week after our opening, the Board was full.
Over a 192 spaces had been filled with thoughts, dreams, aspirations and the odd obscenity or three.
Jude and I cleaned off every second space to allow the community conversation to continue.
Whilst we were there, two local gentleman returning, turned away from a sold out Aurora Stadium popped by to read, ponder and discuss the board and its messages, insisting on leaving gold coin contributions and congratulating us on the good work. By Saturday the board had again reached almost capacity, documenting and cleaning some more spaces, we'll do another alternate large clean on Wednesday. Currently turning some of the more interesting chalk marks into postcards to redistribute as promotion for the project and as thanks for the the encouragement of many of our passing locals and tourists for their positive engagement.