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Your Participation is Requested

Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Kindness of Strangers

Warning rather unsavoury comments on our board if you are easily offended don't look at the first photo

but as with all of life the good goes with the bad. 
Hobbled up the street Friday morning to clean off some offensive comments from the board, after a few complaints. Struggling to clean the board with a kitchen sponge and my crutch, when along came a nice little family visiting from Sydney, who offered to help. Father has daughter climb onto his shoulders so she can clean off the board while Mother holds her steady, seemingly unconcerned that she is being exposed to this offensiveness. 

Very refreshing positive attitude to life take the good with the bad and don't dwell on the bad things get your sponge out and clean it off. 

Fathers comments that what we were doing here is ' this is what it is all about' 

Permission to use these photos was granted by smartphone message from Gundagai 

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